Copyrighted Materials

If you are here to get free copyrighted materials then I’m afraid you should go look elsewhere.

OGMC is a fork of Kodi and like Kodi, there is absolutely no media included, it is simply a media player.

The OptimusGREEN Build does NOT include any 3rd party addons which link to any copyrighted material. The only addons installed are repositories and media addons which contain legal free to watch things like youtube and bbc iplayer (geo locked to UK users.)

With this being said, whatever alterations you make afterwards is entirely on you as we have no control over that. It is seriously ill advised to stream illegal content for obvious reasons but it is also unfair to the copyright holder who has worked very hard and they deserve to earn money for that hard work through legitimate purchases.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are here to watch illegal content then about turn and go somewhere else.