The OptimusGREEN Build

Install The Build

The OptimusGREEN Build can be installed in any XBMC based application. The original being Kodi. The build is compatible with “Jarvis” versions but a beta compatibility feature is available for “Krypton”.

Before starting you are best to completely wipe your kodi installation back to a fresh install. You can do this by either uninstalling kodi and reinstalling or clearing kodi's data in app settings etc. If you have the 'fresh start’ add-on installed in kodi you can also use this method.

Kodi Source -

OptimusGREEN Tools - Download Zip
Installation Instructions - Video Guide


Multiple images have been used for the backgrounds for each section as you can see from the screenshots below.
Widgets allow popular titles to show in the sections which can be navigated and meta data is shown.
A dedicated Trakt section so you never miss the latest episode.

Get The Build!

This video shows you exactly how to download and install The OptimusGREEN Build onto your Kodi.

Alternatively, Just do the following.

System sub-menu -> File Manager -> Add Source
Input and give it a name.

Main Screen -> System -> Add-Ons -> Install From Zip
Select whatever you called the source you added.
Select the OptimusGREEN Tools zip.

A notification will pop up saying that it has installed.

Main Screen -> Programs -> OptimusGREEN Tools
Select Build Installer then choose a server.

At this point the build will download and extract. When complete, force close Kodi and re-launch.

The OptimusGREEN Build doesn’t host or provide any media content whatsoever,
The build only provides repositories & 3rd party addons which DO NOT contain links to copyrighted material.
It is the end users responsibility to ensure the addons you install and the streams you watch don't break any laws in your country.