WTF is Trakt?

You may have noticed a section named Trakt within the build but have no idea what this is or how it works.

Trakt is a great piece of kit that allows you to track your series progress and effectively turns your trakt screen within the build into a series link once set up.

The way the trakt progress widget on the OptimusGREEN build works is it shows your viewing progress of shows you have added to your trakt tv collection. When you are up to date with a show it will dissapear from the widget and when there is a new episode it will reapear again.

What will show in the widget?? A series that progress has been made on and that there is still progress to be made. In other words if you dont have any episodes marked as watched then it wont show up on the widget as you havent started watching it yet. As soon as you've watched an episode of a series it will show in the widget as long as there are more episodes to watch.

Setting Up

Setting up Trakt in Exodus First of all, you need a Trakt account. Visit and set up an account. You will also need this website at hand for activating your trakt accound within Exodus etc. Please read the instructions below to successfully add your Trakt account to Exodus. You can also see a video of the process here.

1. Within the OptimusGREEN build go to 'VIDEOS' and select 'add-ons' from the submenu

2. Scroll to Exodus but do not select it. Bring up the context menu while exodus is highlighted (menu button or c on a keyboard or long press of select button. this is different for each device). Select 'add-on settings' from the context menu.

3. Go to the 'Accounts' tab and select 'Authorization' under 'TRAKT'. Follow the onscreen instructions to allow exodus to access your trakt account.

4. Within the 'General' tab, make sure 'indicators' is set to 'trakt'.

5. Click OK.

You can add TV Shows to your Trakt TV Collection within the trakt website or within Exodus itself, if you would like to do it within Exodus then all you do is highlight the show you would like to add, bring up the context menu, select trakt manager and then add to collection. Remember, if you have already been watching a show prior to setting up trakt, you will need to mark episodes or seasons as watched. This can also be done from the context menu while highlighting an episode.

You can also setup the addons SPECTO, SALTS, Salts HD Lite and Metalliq to use your TRAKT account too. this is also done via the add-on settings via the context menu similar to Exodus.